Subscription Rates

The Total subscription and joining fee shown in the following table is the amount payable when you join TechCommNZ at the beginning of our membership year as a Student, Individual or Corporate member.

The TechCommNZ Membership year runs from 1 July to 30 June and the subscription fee payable is pro-rated on a monthly basis from the first of each month for new members joining during the financial year.

At the end of each financial year renewal invoices will be automatically generated by the system and emailed to you in early July.

Subscription and Joining Fee

Student (incl GST)

Individual (incl GST)

Corporate (incl GST)

Annual subscription for a full year

$50.00 ($57.50)

$140.00 ($161.00)

$450.00 ($517.50)

Plus one-time joining fee

$10.00 ($11.50)

$10.00 ($11.50)

$50.00 ($57.50)

Total subscription and joining fee

$60.00 ($69.00)

$150.00 ($172.50)

$500.00 ($575.00)

For further information about payments, see payment terms and conditions

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