Current Events

TechCommNZ Webinar: UX methods for Technical Writers

Technical content is important in helping people to use software - and it’s important that it’s effective for users. Join Rebecca Cox in this introductory webinar to find out about practical, cost-effective ways that you can incorporate user research and usability testing as part of the documentation process.

Rebecca will be expanding on this in her full day workshop to be run in July.

28 June 2017 |

Christchurch Branch Event: Online Accessibility: Making the web accessible to everyone

With over 20 per cent of New Zealanders living with a disability, and a significant number of ageing consumers in our population, it is crucial that people can easily access online information — whether it is a website, online help, or the humble PDF file.

It has been said that 'Google is the biggest blind user of the web'. An accessible website is likely to be highly ranked in Google and other search engines, helping more people find you online.

In this presentation Kevin Prince will cover the "what and why of accessibility".

11 July 2017 |

Annual General Meeting, with Constance Craving

Constance Craving is a legend - like the dodo, and the Oxford comma! Some time celebrity life coach, Constance is finding that these days her time is taken up more and more with entertaining audiences instead of listening to whiny divas. What better way to spend a couple of hours on a Sunday in July, than to come to the TechCommNZ AGM and be entertained by TechCommNZ's very own Cabaret Queen?

23 July 2017 |