Current Events

Hamilton Branch Event: TechCommNZ Evening

The Technical Communicators Association of NZ has a Hamilton chapter. Come and join us!

We are getting together to:

  • Network, hang out, and support each other
  • Encourage students to consider a technical writing pathway.
01 June 2017 |

Christchurch Branch Event: ​The Cosmos of Metadata

Web metadata (data that describes online content) used to be unseen and therefore the domain of web developers and online marketers, but in recent years social media networks and search engines started making metadata descriptions and images visible. In this presentation, loosely based on his address at Collaborate 2017, Jaco will cover concepts, tools, and technology, but will mostly talk about the needs and expectations of the people that create and use metadata.

14 June 2017 |

TechCommNZ Webinar: UX methods for Technical Writers

Technical content is important in helping people to use software - and it’s important that it’s effective for users. Join Rebecca Cox in this introductory webinar to find out about practical, cost-effective ways that you can incorporate user research and usability testing as part of the documentation process.

Rebecca will be expanding on this in her full day workshop to be run in July.

27 June 2017 |