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From the President

In this, my last President's report, I look both ways. Forward, to Rebecca Cox's July workshops in Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch (have you registered yet?). Forward, to the AGM in Christchurch, starring the utterly inimitable Constance Craving. And momentarily back, with a smile and nostalgic tear.

28 June 2017 |

Featured TC: Rebecca Cox

Rebecca Cox is a freelance User Experience Analyst, based in Auckland. Rebecca works with people to develop websites and online resources that help users to get things done. Jim Costello spoke to Rebecca last week, and asked her about her life in UX.

03 July 2017 |

W3C Announces New Publishing Standards Working Group

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) recently announced a new Publishing Working Group that should arguably attract the attention of technical communicators. The group is exploring the value in combining the tradition of portable, bounded publications (books and other documents) with the "pervasive accessibility, addressability, and interconnectedness of the Open Web Platform (OWP)".

05 July 2017 |

Ara Institute provides GDIDM update

There has been a lot of interest in news of Ara's revised Graduate Diploma of Information Design and Management. The teams working on this at Ara and NZQA have been working hard behind the scenes. We report on the latest news from Ara.

06 July 2017 |

Let’s Tech Communicate!

In this winter edition of Let’s Tech Communicate! we talk about the limitations of treating docs like code, and look at why there’s a big drive towards automation (and what we should do about it). We discover three collaboration tools for technical communicators, and explore DITA. All this and more, from around the 'Net!

06 July 2017 |